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Emergency Relief Programme


Al-Khair Foundation (AKF) is always on standby to support victims during emergencies and disasters.

From internal conflicts to natural disasters, Al-Khair Foundation prides itself in being one of the first on the ground to respond. In the event of an emergency, we dispatch our relief teams to assess the situation, provide vital support and deliver necessary aid. Once on the ground, we work to deliver the essentials (clean water, food, shelter and medication) to survivors and affected people. We've responded to natural disasters and crises in South Asia, the Middle East and the United Kingdom – as well as providing considerable support for refugees fleeing conflict in Syria, Burma and Yemen. AKF also has on-going relief projects in parts of the world where war and regular disasters have left the population without social stability and security. Your generous donations will help us to reach more survivors during their time of need.

Food Packs

Purchase food packs that will be distributed to needy communities around the world. Donation

Rapid Response Rescue Boats

Support our purchasing of rapid response rescue boats, which help us to save many lives during the floods, and during the aftermath of disasters. Donation

Past Appeals

The conflict in Yemen resulted in a humanitarian crisis on a massive scale. The war resulted in over 6,000 deaths and over 1 million displaced people. Many of those who were fleeing Yemen were Somalis who had fled Somalia to Yemen and were now returning. To help with this, Al-Khair Foundation in collaboration with IOM provided emergency relief aid to 100 refugee families to make their transportation across the Gulf of Aden safer as they fled Yemen to Somaliland, Puntland and Djibouti on boats
Following the devastating Nepal earthquake of 2015, Al-Khair Foundation teams were assisting victims within 60 hours of the first tremors. We provided vital supplies consisting of food packs, shelter and medical aid to survivors and helped over 10,000 people without food or shelter. Our medical supplies, including 100 wheelchairs and 15 hospital beds, allowed 14,000 to receive health care, along with nearly 2,000 people in remote area receiving medical assistance through our mobile clinic and a field hospital.
In 2014, Al-Khair Foundation provided support to besieged Palestinians affected by conflict in Gaza. Food packs were distributed to 2,000 families in Khan Younis and Gaza City, whilst our food voucher system provided 1,000 families the ability to purchase food for free. Medical equipment, medical supplies and diesel generators were also supplied to damaged hospitals in the region. Over 10,000 benefitted from these programmes.
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